Wonderful News for the Tired, Weary, and Spent


 I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faintJer. 31:25

Lord Jesus, like baby Robins, we’re poised to feast on the promises of your loving heart contained in this one verse. We welcome the nourishment of your daily mercies and grace riches.

It’s freeing to know that we don’t have to feel guilty, feign strength, or make excuses in your presence. You meet us as a loving Savior, not as a disgruntled coach. You meet us with the gospel, not with a scorecard; with a smile, not with a scowl; with encouragement, not disgruntlement. We relish your welcome and kindness today.

Why do we feel weary and faint? Well for starters, there’s the rancor in our culture and cancers in our friends, heartache in our breasts and unrest in our world, the normal process of aging and air-conditioners breaking, transitions in our vocations and the need for a vacation, pets that get sick and children that won’t sleep.

Jesus, we so look forward to an eternity of no more hurry and busyness, no more communicating in part or conflicting to win, no more temptation or sinning, no more need for apologizing or forgiving—for we will be made perfect in love. Indeed, hasten the Day of no more death and dying, no more knowing you in part or loving you in stretches—the Day of wiped tears and all things new.

Back to our Scripture of the day, Jesus, there’s no sufficient or lasting refreshment apart from you. You still cry out in a loud voice for the thirsty ones to come to you and drink. You still call to the weary and heavy laden to come to you for rest. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Settle and center our hearts today with the good news—the fresh news of the gospel. Not for a month, or a week, but just for this one day, help us to rest in your love and share it with others. So very Amen we pray, in your mighty and merciful name.

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