Trusting the Lord of Peace

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation. The Lord be with you all. 2 Thess. 3:16

Heavenly Father, we adore and trust you for many reasons. Today, in particular, we rejoice in your gift of peace. In Paul’s words, you promise peace “at all times and in every situation.” Thank you, and we will receive!

To know you are with us and for us—that you love us and are in control of all things, that’s what we need more than anything else. By your Spirit, make this more real than the tensions of this election year. Here are some of the “every situations” for which we crave peace, Father.

Grant us peace, as we make important COVID-shaped decisions. Some of us are facing career changes, education options (online and otherwise), and stay-healthy related choices. Grant us wisdom from above.

Grant us peace, as we trust you with the hearts and futures of our every-age children. It’s hard when their choices unnerve us; or when they hurt in ways we can’t fix; or when they distance themselves from us. Grant us all-season-grace to love, accept, engage, and encourage our daughters and sons—who are, truly, more yours than ours.

Free us from the notion there’s only one right choice to make in these, and so many other matters. Actually, there’s only one right God to trust, and that is you, Father. Lead us, as we lean on you. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ strong and tender name.