It’s a wonderful life


“Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.  Let your garments always be white.  Let no oil be lacking on your head.  Enjoy life with the wife whom you love.”  Ecclesiastes 9:7-9a

I refuse to be completely serious.  I refuse to be so rigorous that I become a pain to the people closest to me.  That cannot be the will of God.  If I am not under law but under grace, as the Bible says, then I can relax and enjoy life without a single thought that somehow that will jeopardize my standing with God.  It is God himself who gave me this life and who explicitly authorizes me to receive it from his hand as a good gift — not an ultimate gift but a good gift — and who settles the question of my acceptability to himself through Christ my Substitute who was perfect for me.  Especially with Jani, God’s greatest earthly gift to me, I want so to trust God that I set a tone of enjoyment in our life together.  Like today.  Like right now.  I think I’ll call her and just tell her I love her.  I think God would smile on that.  So would she.  So would I.

God be praised.