Well, that blog title may be a little exaggeration. But at the very least, not enough people are familiar with the works of Dale Ralph Davis, teaching elder at Woodland Presbyterian Church and former Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, MS).

Richard Pratt has said that “There is no more gifted expositor of the Old Testament in our day than Ralph Davis.”

I’ve begun using his OT commentaries lately as a devotional guide to help me think through the text and apply them to my life. And in the process, I’m getting a very good education on slowing down to observe the text carefully and to see the author’s literary intentions and theological applications. There is a Kidner-like quality in his writing that cuts to the heart of the issue.

Here are his commentaries, including a book on how to preach from OT narrative texts:

You can listen to a number of his sermons here.