It Is Not Death to Die


A hymn only Christians can sing and only because of Jesus:

It is not death to die,
To leave this weary road,
And midst the brotherhood on high
To be at home with God.

It is not death to close
The eye long dimmed by tears,
And wake, in glorious repose,
To spend eternal years.

It is not death to bear
The wrench that sets us free
From dungeon chain, to breathe the air
Of boundless liberty.

It is not death to fling
Aside this sinful dust
And rise, on strong exulting wing
To live among the just.

Jesus, Thou Prince of Life,
Thy chosen cannot die:
Like Thee, they conquer in the strife
To reign with Thee on high.

According to the Cyber Hymnal, the original words to this hymn were written in French by H. A. Cé­sar Ma­lan in 1832 (Non, ce n’est pas mour­ir que d’al­ler vers son Dieu). George W. Beth­une trans­lat­ed them into English in 1847. The hymn was sung at Bethune’s funer­al, per his request.

Bob Kauflin wrote a contemporary rendition of the song on the Sovereign Grace Music album Come Weary Saints. You can listen to it below, followed by the revised lyrics:

It is not death to die
To leave this weary road
And join the saints who dwell on high
Who’ve found their home with God

It is not death to close
The eyes long dimmed by tears
And wake in joy before Your throne
Delivered from our fears

O Jesus, conquering the grave
Your precious blood has power to save
Those who trust in You
Will in Your mercy find
That it is not death to die

It is not death to fling
Aside this earthly dust
And rise with strong and noble wing
To live among the just

It is not death to hear
The key unlock the door
That sets us free from mortal years
To praise You evermore

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