Elisha as a Type of Christ and His Disciples


Bruce Waltke, writing in Ligonier Magazine about the parallels between Elisha and Jesus:

Both are designated by a prophet, whom the general populace recognized as a true prophet.

Both receive the Spirit on the other side of the Jordan (2 Kings 2:7–15; John 1:28);

are surrounded by more disciples than their predecessors;

are itinerant miracle workers;

give life in a land of death;

cleanse lepers (2 Kings 5; Mark 1:40–45);

heal the sick (2 Kings 4:34–35; Mark 8:22–25);

defy gravity (2 Kings 6:6; Matt. 14:22–33);

reverse death by raising dead sons and restoring them to their mothers (2 Kings 4: 1–7; Luke 7:11–17);

help widows in desperate circumstances; are kinsman redeemers to save from slavery (2 Kings 4:1–7; Luke 4:19);

feed the hungry (2 Kings 4:1–7; Mark 8:1–12);

minister to the Gentiles (2 Kings 5:1–16);

prepare (2 Kings 6:20–23) and sit at table with sinners (Luke 5:29);

lead captives (2 Kings 6:18–20; Eph. 4:7–8);

have a covetous disciple (Gehazi and Judas);

end their lives in a life-giving tomb from which people flee (2 Kings 13:20–21; Mark 16:1–8).

He also shows that Elisha is a type of Christ’s disciples:

elected by I AM;

leaves father and mother behind;

forsakes everything to be a disciple to his Master;

becomes like his Master;

perseveres with his Master;

does greater works than these (2 Kings 4:31–35; John 14:12);

brings life to those who stay close to their Master in a culture of death; and

develops disciples for whom they also serve as types.

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(Line breaks in the quotes above are mine.)

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