This morning Crossway released a new documentary entitled “Discovering the Holiness of God: The Formation of R. C. Sproul.” It is narrated by Steve Nichols, whose biography has just been released: R. C. Sproul: A Life. (WTS is offering the book for a limited time at 50% off.)

The 14-minute documentary focuses especially upon 1970s when Sproul founded the Ligonier Valley Study Center in the Laurel Mountains of the Alleghenies. As someone who was profoundly affected years ago by Sproul’s teaching on the holiness of God, I found the this brief film to be quite moving and encouraging.

Here is Michael Reeves after reading Nichols’s biography:

I couldn’t put this book down, for it doesn’t just tell the fascinating story of a life well lived; it takes you on R. C.’s own journey. Through it you see where the fire came from. Through it you get the thrill of soaking up his passion for the gospel of Christ, for biblical truth, and for the beauty of God in his holiness. But my hope for this book is not that it might provide a nice reunion for those of us who knew and loved R. C.; my prayer is that the Lord might use it to inspire more faithful Reformers, more God-fearing defenders and proclaimers of the faith, more like R. C. Sproul.

You can read chapter 1 online.

You can listen to the introduction and first chapter of the book online.