Many of us have either witnessed it or been guilty of it ourselves. And ‘it’ is unacceptable from a biblical perspective. The ‘it’ is the closing of the Bible as we open up our mouths and minds to defend Christianity (apologetics). Many have turned to Philosophy, Science, well-reasoned arguments, and other tracks in order to defend Christianity..

K.Scott Oliphant sees this as a problem with devastating effects. Not the least of these being, a minimization of Scripture in apologetics.

Oliphant then writes The Battle Belongs to the LORD to remind us of the nature of apologetics, the tools, the combatants, and the goals. He writes, “The purpose of this book is to get us to open our Bibles again when we think about apologetics.”

The book is intended to be an introduction into apologetics. And if you are looking for such an introduction you will not be intimidated in reading this book. Oliphant is quick to explain and apply while writing in a style that is engaging while moving through his topics fairly speedily.

As promised, the book is filled with Scripture. The chapters are each set around various parts of the Scripture that emphasize the priority of defending the Scriptures (ie 1 Peter, Jude, 2 Corinthians, & Acts 17). This is very helpful in that it helps you to see the connection of apologetics to Scripture as well as the age old priority of defending the faith.

In addition to teaching us Oliphant does a good job writing in a pastorally encouraging way. He helps to engender more confidence in the Bible and a burden to proclaim it. This is always needed in the church.

The book is not a manual of ‘how to do apologetics in the 21st Century’ however, it is a book that shows it’s priority and provides a framework for understanding the goal of apologetics and the means of getting there. Remember that it is an introduction (a much needed introduction) to the priority of biblical apologetics.

The book is written with small group discussions in mind. Each of the chapters have review questions to help facilitate discussion.

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