The new August 2019 issue of Themelios has 214 pages of editorials, articles, and book reviews. It is freely available in three formats: (1) PDF, (2) web version, and (3) Logos Bible Software.

  1. Brian J. Tabb | Editorial: Fulfill Your Ministry. Tabb explains that Paul’s exhortation to “fulfill your ministry” means that the servant of Christ must fully carry out the assignment he has received from the Lord in a way that is biblically faithful and spiritually fruitful.
  2. Daniel Strange | Strange Times: Never Say ‘the Phones Are Quiet’. Strange examines the superstitious avoidance of “Quiet” and argues that Christian witness must be loud as we live with a bold freedom and not in fear.
  3. Jason S. DeRouchie | The Mystery Revealed: A Biblical Case for Christ-Centered Old Testament Interpretation. DeRouchie provides a biblical-theological foundation for a Christ-centered hermeneutic, arguing that Jesus himself provides both the light for enabling us to see and savor what is in the OT and the necessary lens that influences and guides our reading by filling out the meaning.
  4. Peter R. Schemm and Andreas J. Köstenberger | The Gospel as Interpretive Key to 1 Corinthians 10:31–11:16: On Christian Worship, Head Coverings, and the Trinity. Schemm and Köstenberger interpret Paul’s challenging statements about head coverings as an apostolic application of the gospel—especially the idea of giving glory and honor to God—to dishonoring worship practices in the Corinthian church.
  5. Mark L. Strauss | A Review of the Christian Standard Bible. Strauss explains that the CSB translation follows a mediating approach between formal and functional equivalence and is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the HCSB, in terms of both accuracy and style.
  6. Coleman M. Ford | ‘Striving for Glory with God’: Humility as the Good Life in Basil of Caesarea’s Homily 20. According to Ford, Basil of Caesarea presents humility as the essence of the good life and as the chief virtue based on Christ’s own humility.
  7. C. J. Moore | Can We Hasten the Parousia? An Examination of Matthew 24:14 and Its Implications for Missional Practice. Moore critically examines appeals to an eschatological motivation for missions and offers a modified view that frees the missionary to simply proclaim the gospel of Christ with a proper recognition of God’s sovereignty over both salvation and the Parousia.
  8. Jackson Wu | The Doctrine of Scripture and Biblical Contextualization: Inspiration, Authority, Inerrancy, and the Canon. Wu explores the relationship between contextualization and an evangelical doctrine of the Bible; he not only affirms the importance of contextualization but also identifies its biblical boundaries.
  9. Zachary Breitenbach | The Insights and Shortcomings of Kantian Ethics: Signposts Signaling the Truthfulness of Christian Ethics. Breitenbach compares three insightful objectives of Kant’s ethical system grounded in pure reason to three crucial ethical principles that are taught in the Bible, and he argues that shortcomings of Kantian ethics serve as a signpost to the truth of Christian ethics.
  10. Drew Hunter | Hebrews and the Typology of Jonathan Edwards. Hunter considers Jonathan Edwards’s typological interpretive practices and principles and shows the unique contribution that Edwards’s principled typological method makes to current discussions about typology and the use of the Old Testament in the New.

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