The providence of God is the working of God’s sovereignty to continually uphold, guide, and care for his creation.


God’s providence is the working of his power to uphold, guide, and care for his creation. Some theologians have described this as a continual creation, as opposed to notions that God created the world and then stepped back from it. The providence of God leaves no room for chance or competition between God and another power. God, as the primary cause, causes everything, but this does not remove the ability of creatures to cause or act. Rather, God grants to all creatures their power to act as causes in the world. The providence of God is different than predestination in that the latter focuses particularly on the salvation of the elect, while providence is general. We cannot know all of the particularities of God’s providential plan; only God knows how all things will work together. Finally, Christian prayers should be expressions of the aspirations of Christ’s followers made in the presence of God rather than lists of requests.



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