The law of God is first understood in terms of who God is as the Creator and Lord, and then in its covenantal context of instruction and demand for God’s people. In Scripture, it is used in a number of distinguishable but related ways that center on who God is and our relationship to him as his image-bearers and people.


This article thinks through five ways that Scripture speaks about the law of God. Starting first with the truth that God is the law, the discussion turns to God as our Creator and Lord who deserves and demands perfect obedience from his creatures to locating the discussion of the law in God in the context of God’s covenant relations with us. The law of God cannot be understood apart from God as the Creator and Covenant Lord, and the fulfillment of the biblical covenants in the new covenant and the law of Christ.


What’s the Relationship between Law and Gospel?

“Grace must be the basis of our confidence before God because we are never going to make it otherwise.” In this video, Don Carson—New Testament professor at Trinity Evangelical and TGC President—discusses the relationship between law and gospel.



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