Foreknowledge, with reference to God, connotes foreordination. The doctrine of election affirms that God chose those whom he would save.


The question at issue here concerns the meaning of foreknowledge with respect to election, particularly in Romans 8:29 – specifically, whether “whom he foreknew he predestined” indicates that God chose whom he would save based on their foreseen faith. Following a brief introduction to the question this essay will sketch out the deciding considerations: the biblical characterization of election, the ground of God’s knowledge, the meaning of “foreknow” with reference to God in Scripture, Romans 8:29 in context, and finally some considerations in Romans 8:29 itself.

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Clark H. Pinnock (1937-2010)

Controversial Canadian theologian Clark H. Pinnock died on Sunday afternoon (August 15, 2010) at the age of 73. He and his wife Dorothy were members of Little Bethel Community Church, where the funeral service will be held. In March of this year he had written to a couple of colleagues to explain why he was retiring from active theological work: I want to inform you that I am now middle stage Alzheimer’s. I will not be able to do my writing etc. I am 73 years now, and I’ve enjoyed my biblical three score and ten. I am not bitter....


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