The Holy Spirit

Kevin DeYoung

Though we must make effort in our growth in godliness, the Spirit empowers through and through. The Bible is not a cheap infomercial telling us to change and then serving as an enthusiastic cheerleader: "You can do it!" We have a new strength at work by the Spirit. We can, by that same Spirit, begin to share in the qualities that are characteristic of God himself.
The Holy Spirit is perhaps the least understood, and least acknowledged, member of the Trinity, but his work in the gospel is indispensable. In this new booklet from the Gospel Coalition, Kevin DeYoung looks to Scripture to outline fundamental doctrine about the personhood and work of the Holy Spirit.

DeYoung describes the Holy Spirit as our ultimate gift. Jesus promised his followers that a “helper” would be given to them. It is through this helper that we actively experience the power and presence of God. In this booklet DeYoung notes the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives, including his role in conviction, conversion, glorification, and the imparting of spiritual gifts.

The Holy Spirit offers a thoughtful explanation for point 9 of the Gospel Coalition’s confessional statement. The Gospel Coalition is an evangelical renewal movement dedicated to a scripture-based reformation of ministry practices.