The Author

Will Bankston serves with an NGO in Southeast Asia and is a co-author of the forthcoming Exploring Parables in Luke: Integrated Skills for ESL/EFL Theology Students (Langham Partnership).

Global Theology in English: Promising or Problematic?

We must proceed with sensitivity as we explore the precedents, problems, and possibilities of English as a common theological language.

Finding Grace in Every Culture

We’re often confounded by the apparent tension between the depths of our depravity and our daily encounters with what seems good, true, and beautiful.

The Service of Receiving

In college, I took part in a short-term service trip to a Christian orphanage in Mexico. Most days were spent digging a long, windy

History Is from the Jews

Through the Israelites, God confronted many nations’ prevailing notion of history, which as we will see still exists today in altered forms. This notion

The Key Trait of Successful Teachers

We all find ourselves in teaching situations, from the