The Author

Owen Strachan is the author of Awakening the Evangelical Mind and The Pastor as Public Theologian (with Kevin Vanhoozer). A systematic theology professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, he is the director of the Center for Public Theology and hosts the City of God podcast. He is writing a Jonathan Edwards devotional (Tyndale House) and a theological anthropology (B&H Academic). You can follow him on Twitter.

Owen’s Books

What Does It Mean to Be Human? See Jesus.

You can’t understand humanity without knowing the ultimate human.

Unexpected Grace in a Secular Place: Revitalizing a Church in Maine

Turns out even hardened New Englanders want the thick

Churchill Film ‘Darkest Hour’ Offers Compelling Vision of Leadership

We can learn much from Winston Churchill about persistence,

God’s Inestimable Worth, Rapped: Beautiful Eulogy’s ‘Worthy’

Beautiful Eulogy’s ‘Worthy’ reminds us that praising and meditating

The Dark Side of Biblical Politics

We must be skeptical about ultimate skepticism. The kingship