The Author

Luma Simms is a wife and mother of five delightful children. She studied physics and law before Christ drew her to become a writer, blogger, and Bible study teacher. You can follow her on Twitter.

The Power of the Gospel in Ecuador

“Books are like gold. Literature is expensive; we have to depend on outside groups for help.”

Teaming Up to Serve the Church in Bolivia

Bolivian church leaders travelled through mountain villages on buses,

The Threat of Gospel Amnesia

I used to be a Christian who didn’t think about Jesus. I was bored with him. I remember telling my husband one day that

Feed God’s People Around the World

As I continue to reflect on TGCW12, a weekend for which the adjective “satiated” seems woefully inadequate to describe the fullness of my soul,

The Seed of Revival in Our Day

God in his goodness gives us the ordinary means of grace through his Word and sacraments to reveal who he is, what he has