The Author

Greg Forster (PhD, Yale University) is the director of the Oikonomia Network, a visiting assistant professor of faith and culture at Trinity International University, and the author of numerous books and articles.

Greg’s Books

When Work Stinks

The typical faith-and-work talk runs like this: “God gave you a wonderful job to do that brings meaning and purpose into your ordinary life!”

Colin Kaepernick’s Shirt: The Gospel in a World Haunted by Communism

The ghost of communism still haunts the world. And

The Church’s Fate Is Not Electoral: Our Roy Moore Moment

The church’s fate is not electoral, it’s eschatological.

How the Reformation Revolutionized Diaper Changing

Luther was one of the most important champions of

The Case for Hope from a Former Obama Staffer

Our country and the church need more Democrats like