The Author

Eric C. Redmond is the author of Where Are All the Brothers? Straight Answers to Men’s Questions About the Church (Crossway). He is assistant professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and associate pastor of adult ministries at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Illinois.

#Charlottesville: Some Gospel Thinking on White Supremacy

As 'one new man,' the church plays a critical role in the war against racism and hate rhetoric.

4 Suggestions for Post-Election Listening

Since the election it seems evangelicals, as a whole,

Preaching with a Plan

Scott M. Gibson. Preaching with a Plan: Sermon Strategies for

Atheists Behind the Black Church Veil

Statistics on the religious beliefs of African Americans are part of Western cultural literacy. Many are familiar with the findings that reveal African Americans

When a Pastor Falls

The allegations against Bishop Eddie Long are horrifying and disgraceful, but not necessarily shocking. Unfortunately, many well known Christian leaders of large ministries have