The Author

Andrew Shanks is the pastor of Fontaine Baptist Church in Martinsville, Virginia.

5 Ways Wendell Berry Is Making Me a Better Pastor

Reading the accounts of Port William has enabled me to see my own community with new eyes and begin to minister better within it.

3 Lessons from an Early-Life Stroke

The enemy may snarl and snap and sometimes even

Parenting Fear

My 5-year-old daughter is fine with scary stories until she has to go to bed. The trouble starts when she is lying under the

Why Desmond Tutu Is So Right and So Wrong

We must not mistake revulsion toward homosexual activity with the biblical warnings against it as if our own sin is any less revolting.

God Is the Author Who Enters His Story

Storytellers invariably feel a deep connection with their stories. This is not surprising, given that every good story is a revelation of its author’s being. Some