The Author

Abigail Murrish is an agricultural writer who is passionate about encouraging people to know their food, eat well, and show hospitality. Since her time at Purdue University, Abigail has appreciated talking with farmers (versus about them) to understand difficult agricultural issues and grow in her knowledge of the Christian call to steward creation. Abigail lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, and blogs at

A Man Who Brings Us Bacon

When the world smears my occupation, despite my best efforts to steward God’s creation, I see brokenness.

Serving Image-Bearers On and Off the Farm

My goal isn’t just to benefit agriculture but to

Growing Food More Reliably and Efficiently

In a perfect world the food supply isn’t threatened

Liberia Needs Engagement, Not Relief

Liberians don’t need relief; they need engagement and development.

Fighting for Future Farming Families

David Bausman supports hard-working family farms so they can