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Many young people are walking away from Christianity, for reasons ranging from the church’s stance on sexual morality to its perceived silence on racial justice or questions about science and the Bible.

How should we respond to the multitudes deconstructing faith? Further, how do we prevent the constant pushback from weakening our own faith.

TGC’s book Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in the Church is an infusion of hope, clarity, and wisdom in an age of mounting cynicism toward Christianity.

In contrast to the pithy “gotchas” so prevalent on social media, this book is pastorally earnest and patient, beckoning readers to reconsider Jesus in light of Scripture (not what culture is saying about him).

While honest about the flaws of the church and lamenting the fallout from spiritual abuse, this book also demonstrates the beautiful potential of the church to be a refuge for doubters—a place where their questions are welcomed and their faith is nurtured.

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