The global body of Christ is growing.
It needs theological nourishment.


We have a plan.
You can help.



1. You give to projects and help us create resources for the theological nourishment of the global church.

2. We partner with publishers all over the world to strategically select or translate titles based on the expressed needs of indigenous pastors, in the languages that will impact the largest populations. We then work with missions organizations, churches and nonprofits globally to get these free resources into the hands of the pastors who need them. And you can participate in that distribution by delivering books.

3. Churches are strengthened. As pastors and church leaders are fed gospel-centered, theologically sound “solid food,” they will be better equipped to lead and grow the Christians they shepherd. Over time, these indigenous church leaders will author their own solid, biblical content in their native language, beginning to replace Western works with their own.




There’s a growing demand for gospel-centered resources across the world. Help meet this need by making a generous gift. Every dollar you give creates resources for the theological nourishment of the global church. Learn more about giving to TGC.


Traveling abroad? Whether for missions, business or vacation, partner with us to deliver books to church leaders in that nation. Visit our online store to learn more.



Current Campaign


Books for Africa


Goal: $100,000 to fund 100,000 books for Africa.

TGC has a unique opportunity to partner with the African church by providing theologically rich and accessible books to aid in the equipping of church leaders.God has allowed us to build trusted relationships with many key ministries and distribution partners who are enthusiastic about our mission of Theological Famine Relief.


The Problem

In much of East and Central Africa there is a dearth of biblically faithful, easily accessible, gospel-centered resources. Pastors labor in the hinterlands working with nothing but a tattered Bible and no theological training. Many lack the money to invest in a new Bible—let alone quality theological materials.


The Solution

Our goal is to publish upwards of 100,000 copies of a dozen strategic English-language titles, in collaboration with African church leaders and expat workers. Books are being chosen based on the expressed needs of the indigenous church, and will be donated and distributed through TGC’s Theological Famine Relief mission and network. Learn how to give. 


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