Podcast Pick of the Week: The 600’th episode of New Churches Q&A Podcast with Ed Stetzer, Daniel Im, and Todd Adkins is a great conversation about trends vs. fads and the landscape of church planting today.

Kindle Deal: Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold by C. S. Lewis. $1.99. 

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Greg Morse – Bored to Death: How Triviality Ruins a Man. One demon (Wormwood) corresponds with another (Globdrop) on how our devices can lead to the shriveling of our souls with trivialities.

2. Karen Swallow Prior – Chronological Snob No More. “Our manners and methods may have changed, but we are not wiser, more moral, more faithful, or less naive than those poor, illiterate parishioners swindled by Chaucer’s pardoner, or those violent Roundheads and Cavaliers willing to defend their doctrine with their swords, or those rationalizing traffickers of human flesh, or those mercenary ministers treating their assignments like mere government posts.”

3. Michael Stokes Paulsen in Harvard Law Review – Abortion as an Instrument of Eugenics. This is a lengthy, worthwhile read for those who wonder how the Supreme Court could alter the abortion jurisprudence in effect since Casey in 1992. It focuses on abortion because of the unborn child’s race, sex, or disability. See also Sherif Girgis – The Supreme Court’s Options in the Next Abortion Case. Girgis doesn’t believe the Dobbs case, which the Supreme Court picked up for next term, presents a good case for incremental “chipping away at Roe.” Which could be good—or bad— for the pro-life cause. 

4. Harry Lee Poe – Mere Christianity as C. S. Lewis’ Personal Testimony. In Mere Christianity, Lewis explained the long process of changing his mind about Jesus without referring to himself.

5. Jack Phillips – Why I Didn’t “Just Bake the Cake.”My objection is never to the person, the customer, asking me to create a cake with a particular message. My objection—in this case—is to the message itself. I can and cheerfully will serve anyone. I cannot and won’t communicate every message.”

6. Mike Graham and Skyler Flowers – The Six-Way Fracturing of Evangelicalism. “People in the pews are left questioning the extent to which their unity is based on the Apostles or Nicene creeds or other political, cultural, and socioeconomic matters. They are left questioning where churches, ministries, or organizations land on these things.”

7. Samuel James – The Outer Ring. Once you’ve settled on deciding who the Wrong Kind of People are and why you won’t hear anything they’ve got to say, eventually all those good reasons for blacklisting them will magically seem to apply to more and more.