“We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Cor. 10:5

Lord Jesus, this may be the first time I’ve noticed what Paul is actually saying in this passage. Having our thought-life obey you is different from simply thinking about good stuff, right doctrine, and Bible verses. Each of which is awesome to ponder.

Paul wants us to realize our thinking is a relational commitment, not just a cognitive exercise. Our thoughts will obey someone; they don’t just get filled with something. Jesus, this humbles me, but it also gladdens me.

It humbles me when I consider your competition. At the top of the list is me, myself, and I. I easily default to the trinity-of-me as the lord of my thinking. When this happens, my “rights,” fears, values, insecurities, pain and prejudice become the “corral” where my thoughts are held captive. That’s where they feed and breed, and impact every aspect of my life—not a pleasant image.

I’m gladdened, however, to know you want the obedience of our thinking. Because, first and foremost, you want to show each of us more of your glory and grace, beauty and bounty, Gospel and Kingdom.

When our thoughts obey you, we see the world and people through your eyes. Our emotions get fueled with grace, not just triggered by pain. Our choices get shaped by you, and what matters to you—not merely by our worries, whims, and wishes. May it be so, Lord Jesus. Yea, verily, and so very Amen.