First of all, I want to thank Justin for the privilege of being a guest blogger on the famous “Between Two World’s” blog. You will be missed this week my friend. We are all praying that you have a thoroughly enjoyable vacation with your family. Secondly, if I don’t give at least a brief explanation of my tedious, scarring name, I’m afraid anything I might post this week will be radically overshadowed by the readers preoccupation with trying to pronounce my name. So here it is. My full name (get this) is William Graham Tullian Tchividjian. Phew! It’s a name that is actually packed with meaning. Let me explain.

The “William Graham” is after my grandfather, Billy Graham. The “Tullian” is after the early church father Tertullian. My mom was taking a church history class while she was pregnant with me and was most captivated with Tertullian and his unwavering committment to expounding and defending God’s truth. She prayed, “Lord, if this child happens to be a boy, please make him an ardent defender of your truth like Tertullian was.” And lo and behold, out I came, July 13, 1972–a boy! Rumor has it that for the first day or so my name was the full “Tertullian.” Thankfully my mom came to her senses and dropped the “Ter.” Can you imagine if my name were Tertullian Tchividjian? I mean seriously! Moving on.

My last name is pronounced “cha-vi-jin.” It rhymes with religion (that usually helps people). It’s an Armenian name. Not “Arminian”, but “Armenian.” Armenia is a country that borders Turkey. Arminius was a man. In fact, in seminary I was known as the Armenian Calvinist. Oh well! My dad is half Armenian, half Swiss. My mom was born and raised in Western North Carolina. I’m a Florida native!

So there you have it. It’s not that bad, now is it? Amazingly, given the names of the men I have to live up to, I’m still sane. Anyway, I look forward to posting over the next week or so with my fellow “guest bloggers.” Take it away guys…