A few years ago, after watching the rise of Christian filmmaking, I wondered why something similar had not yet happened with documentaries. A historic religion that emphasizes teaching would seem ripe for the medium.

Thankfully, several such high-quality films have now been produced. The one above is the latest from Media Gratiae. (You can order the whole curriculum that goes along with it here.)

Stephen McCaskell has directed several documentaries now, often focused on figures from church history with particular relevance for today. I’ve embedded the trailers below.

I’ve also included the two parts of the American Gospel film (Christ Alone and Christ Crucified). Our kids have been watching the American Gospel films in their youth group, and it has sparked a lot of interest and discussion from them.

At the end are also some missionary documentaries that are incredibly enlightening and encouraging.

See also the missionary series, Dispatches from the Front.