Kevin DeYoung offers some good quotes from J.I. Packer on why we should use the term “inerrancy,” despite common misunderstandings. (Packer’s whole book, Truth and Power: The Place of Scripture in the Christian Life, is available online for free.)

Mark Dever once put together a document called “Inerrancy of the Bible: An Annotated Bibliography.” In it he gives his top recommended book on inerrancy:

I’ve saved the best for last. If I could just recommend one book on the inerrancy of the Bible it would undoubtedly be this one—John Wenham, Christ and the Bible. . . .

Wenham’s book . . . makes the simple point that our trust in Scripture is to be a part of our following Christ, because that is the way that He treated Scripture—as true, and therefore authoritative. . . .

In Christ and the Bible, Wenham, who taught Greek for many years at Oxford, an Anglican evangelical, has done us all a great service in providing us with a book which understands that we do not come by our adherence to Scripture fundamentally from the inductive resolutions of discrepancies, but from the teaching of the Lord Jesus. Only because of the Living Word may we finally know to trust the Written Word.

May God use these resources of those who’ve gone before us to equip and encourage us in so trusting.