I have been learning from Greg Koukl since the mid-1990s. He founded the ministry Stand to Reason in 1993, and a couple of years later I had subscribed to their free newsletter, “Solid Ground,” which came every other month to the third floor of Dancer Hall at the University of Northern Iowa, where I was a confident apologist by day in my religion and philosophy classes and a conflicted doubter by night.

I was thrilled in 2009 when Zondervan published Greg’s signature book, which has more recently been released in a 10th anniversary edition: Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions. Here’s an endorsement I wrote for the first edition:

In this wise and compelling book, Greg Koukl—who has thought long and hard about not only what to say but how to say it—provides a game plan for equipping believers through an artful method of careful thinking and winsome conversation.

If you struggle with how to talk about your faith and respond to questions and objections in a meaningful and effective way—and most of us do—there is no better book to buy, read, and put into practice. I could not recommend it more highly!

I recently led a video course for an adult Sunday School class at our church, watching Greg lead through this material. I was reminded once again what a master teacher he is and how wise and careful (and realistically doable) this material is.

STR is now offering free courses. You can see a sample of the material from the Tactics course at the top of this post.