Help for Pastoral Prayer During Sermon Prep

I appreciated this post from Michael McKinley on prayer and sermon prep. Good stuff.

Most pastors develop a rhythm with their sermon preparation. You find a way that “works” for you and you pretty much stick with it. But until you have the pattern established, it can be messy. And one of the areas with which I struggled at the beginning was how prayer fit into my sermon preparation.

I knew that I should pray, that in fact I must pray, as part of getting ready to teach God’s Word. But I don’t remember getting much advice about how to pray when preparing a message. And while there’s obviously not just one helpful way to do it, here are eight brief prayers that can be used while writing a sermon:

1. Lord, please help me to understand the meaning of this text and how it points to Christ.

2. Lord, please increase my love for the people who will hear this sermon.

3. Lord, please give me wisdom to apply this text to the lives of the people in our congregation.

4. Lord, please use this passage to help me grasp and love the gospel more so that I might help my hearers do the same.

5. Lord, please help me to see how this passage confronts the unbelief of my hearers.

6. Lord, please help me to be obedient to the demands of this passage. Help me to enter the pulpit having already submitted my life to this truth before I preach it.

7. Lord, by your Spirit please help me to preach this sermon with the necessary power and with appropriate affections.

8. Lord, please use this sermon to bring glory to your name, joy to your people, and salvation to the lost.