H. B. Charles on God’s Wrath

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In this video, H. B. Charles explains that the Bible addresses God’s wrath numerous times because it is essential to understanding who God really is and because it is essential in understanding the gospel.

The Bible says a lot about the wrath of God, his judgement, and condemnation for several vital reasons.

First of all, because God’s wrath and judgment are essential to the very nature of God. God is not merely loving and merciful and gracious. He is a holy and just and righteous God. So, when we talk about the wrath of God, it helps us to know God better. God is perfect, and all his perfections are in perfect harmony with one another. His wrath is essential to understanding who he is and how we are to know him.

Likewise, the Bible talks to us about the wrath of God and the judgement of God, and the condemnation of God because these are essentials not only to understanding God better but understanding the gospel. The gospel is good news and glad tidings, but it begins with very bad news. The bad news is that God is holy and we not and we will have to answer to God for how we have lived our lives. There’s no good thing in us to commend to God. No good works we perform can live up to God’s righteous standards. It is these truths that bring us to an end of ourselves.

And when we recognize that God in his wrath is our problem, then we are introduced to the good news that what God demands in perfect righteousness, God provides in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The God who is the problem is the solution. And so, the wrath of God is vital for our understanding of who God is and for our understanding the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.