How to Survive a Cultural Crisis

Public opinion appears to be changing about same-sex marriage, as are the nation’s laws. Of course this change is just one in a larger constellation. America’s views on family, love, sexuality generally, tolerance, God, and so much more seems to be pushing in directions that put Bible-believing Christians on the defensive. It’s easy to feel we’ve become the new “moral outlaws.” Standing up for historic Christian principles will increasingly get you in trouble socially and maybe economically, perhaps one day criminally. It’s ironic that Christians are told not to impose their views on others, even as the threat of job loss or other penalties loom over Christians for not toeing the new party line. In all this, we’re often tempted to become panicked or to speak as alarmists. But to the extent we do, to that same extent we show we’ve embraced an unbiblical and nominal Christianity. In this workshop Mark Dever will discuss strategies for surviving the very real cultural shifts we’re presently enduring.