Tim Keller, Russell Moore, and Kevin DeYoung sit down to discuss the changing landscape of religious liberty in the United States.

Join as they delve into the importance of religious liberty and the importance of understanding the motivation behind it. Many of the issues surrounding religious liberty arise from a lack of understanding about the religious motivations behind it.

They encourage pastors to engage with their secular neighbors on these issues and overall maintain a balance between individual rights and societal needs while upholding sincerely held religious beliefs.

Is there enough evidence for us to believe the Gospels?

In an age of faith deconstruction and skepticism about the Bible’s authority, it’s common to hear claims that the Gospels are unreliable propaganda. And if the Gospels are shown to be historically unreliable, the whole foundation of Christianity begins to crumble.
But the Gospels are historically reliable. And the evidence for this is vast.
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