In the last episode of TGC Q&A’s Christians and Healthcare series, Dr. Scott James answers the question, “How does COVID-19 affect kids and babies?” He addresses:

  • What should I know about the effect on children and their ability to infect others with COVID-19? (:40)
  • Long-term outcomes (2:45)
  • Do babies respond well to COVID-19? What wisdom is there for parents during this pandemic? (3:25)
  • Very young infants and COVID-19 (4:39)
  • Encouragement for new parents in a pandemic (5:22)
  • How does your faith intersect with your work? (8:53)
  • Specific ways doctors can shepherd hurting people (10:51)
  • Encouragement for how Christians should view public health (13:18)

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Is there enough evidence for us to believe the Gospels?

In an age of faith deconstruction and skepticism about the Bible’s authority, it’s common to hear claims that the Gospels are unreliable propaganda. And if the Gospels are shown to be historically unreliable, the whole foundation of Christianity begins to crumble.
But the Gospels are historically reliable. And the evidence for this is vast.
To learn about the evidence for the historical reliability of the four Gospels, click below to access a FREE eBook of Can We Trust the Gospels? written by New Testament scholar Peter J. Williams.