Front Row Seat: Nourishing Your Marriage

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Is there a specific married couple that comes to your mind when you think of a “power couple”? They’re the couple who lights up a room with their presence and with their stories about life, ministry, and marriage. They’ve walked through everything together—from raising babies, to suffering through a chronic illness, to trusting God through grief and loss. They love each other fiercely, they show up for their marriage and their community, and they do it all with such grace. That couple—what’s their secret? 

As pastors’ wives with marriages and ministries of our own, we know that “the secret” really isn’t a secret. The truth is, we all have the choice to build up or tear down. We have the choice to serve or to demand. We have the choice to pay attention to or ignore each other. We have the choice to love or to hate.

Left to our own strength, we’d be powerless to continually make the right choices to nourish our marriages. But God, through Jesus and his Holy Spirit, infuses our relationships with his grace and his transforming power. That’s the only type of “power couple” we want to be!

In this episode of Front Row Seat, Kristen Wetherell and Kari Olson talk with Kristie Anyabwile—wife to pastor Thabiti Anyabwile for 31 years—about the importance of continuing to nourish your marriage through every high and every low of life, family, and ministry. Whether you’re newly married or a seasoned pastor’s wife of decades, this conversation is for you.

Episode time stamps: 

  • Kari’s “power couple” story (00:00)
  • Introduction to Kristie Anyabwile (3:22)
  • How Kristie and Thabiti met and were saved (8:16)
  • How do you nourish your marriage? (13:15)
  • Prioritizing marriage even in busy seasons (20:32)
  • How marriage affects the health of ministry (25:48)
  • “The mess is the ministry” (28:00)
  • Finding the balance (30:58)
  • Encouragement for a difficult season of marriage (34:14)
  • God’s grace in Kristie’s marriage (39:23)
  • Final thoughts from Kristen and Kari (45:11)
Editors’ note: 

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