The Story of Tim Keller’s Formation

In this special series of Gospelbound, hosted by Collin Hansen, guests discuss various people and ideas that have shaped Tim Keller. Subjects include John Piper on C. S. Lewis and Jonathan Edwards, Christopher Watkin on Charles Taylor and social criticism, James Eglinton on Herman Bavinck, Bill Edgar on Francis Schaeffer and L’Abri, and Richard Lints on theological vision.

A Photo Timeline of Tim Keller’s Life & Influences
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The first time Keller attended Urbana, the triennial InterVarsity missions conference, was 1976, when he had recently graduated from Gordon-Conwell.

Urbana ’76 featured the who’s who of trans-Atlantic evangelical speakers of the era. Unified under the theme “Declare His Glory Among the Nations.” Elisabeth Elliot returned to speak on the glory of God’s will, after she had given the first major Urbana address from a woman in 1973. InterVarsity staff recalled that Edmund Clowney "gave a stellar address on the glory of God, a subject almost too profound for words and almost too glorious for young students to grasp.” John Stott delivered four expositions on the biblical basis for missions. By this time Stott had become perhaps the leading light in the global InterVarsity movement. He was Keller’s first model for expositional preaching.

Elisabeth Elliot: The Glory of God’s Will
One of Elisabeth Elliot's most common themes was submission to God's will.
Edmund Clowney: Declare His Glory Among the Nations
Edmund Clowney's subject was 'almost too profound for words and almost too glorious for young students to grasp.'
John Stott: The Living God Is a Missionary God
John Stott offered young adults a model of expositional preaching that could both evangelize and edify.
Classic Sermons & Lectures from Tim Keller

Keller Center Video Cover Image
The Girl Nobody Wanted (1998)
Truth, Tears, Anger, and Grace (2001)
Keller Center Video Cover Image
Should I Not Love that Great City? (2001)
Keller Center Video Cover Image
The Prodigal Sons (2005)
Keller Center Video Cover Image
The Gospel and Your Self (2005)
Tim Keller | Gospel-Centered Ministry (TGC 2007)
Keller Center Video Cover Image
A Vision for Culture Making (2010)
Getting Out (TGC 2011)
Tim Keller Speaks at John Stott's U.S. Memorial (2011)
Answering Lesslie Newbigin (2017)
Boasting in Nothing Except the Cross (TGC 2017)
Get More Rings in Your Tree (2014)
Ed Clowney’s Staley Lectures: Preaching the Lord Jesus Christ (1973)

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary invited Edmund Clowney to deliver the prestigious Staley lectures in 1973. Many of Tim Keller's most prominent themes can be heard in these lectures from his first year of seminary. Until 2021 the lectures sat in the Gordon-Conwell archives on reel-to-reel. But for this project Gordon-Conwell digitized them, and Tim and Kathy Keller heard them for the first time since they were 22 years old. Special thanks to the Clowney Trust for their permission to share these lectures for the first time with the broader public.

Edmund Clowney: The Lord and the Word
Edmund Clowney observes than when we look for moral heroes in the Old Testament, even the positive examples disturb us
Edmund Clowney: The Sufferings of Christ and the Glory (Part 1)
Edmund Clowney explains that the Old Testament gives a pattern for the affliction of Jesus Christ.
Edmund Clowney: The Sufferings of Christ and the Glory (Part 2)
Edmund Clowney shows us the suffering of Christ from the Old Testament images of the son, the lamb, and even God himself as the rock.
Edmund Clowney: The Salvation of Christ
Edmund Clowney marries piety with predestination and says we only ever understand doctrine on our knees before God. In prayer we can praise what we don’t prefer.
Edmund Clowney: The Fullness of Christ
Edmund Clowney laments that few preachers ever come close to glimpsing the full color spectrum in the Old Testament’s witness to Christ.
Edmund Clowney: The Wisdom of Christ
Jesus is the true Solomon, Edmund Clowney argues, because he never succumbed to lust for this world.
Edmund Clowney: The Praise of Christ
Only the one who fully trusted in God would ever be completely abandoned by him, Edmund Clowney explains.