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In the face of division plaguing the American church, how can we as believers set the example of how to love one another and believe the best about one another? Is it possible for our oneness as the body of Christ to shine through even in the way we handle disagreements?

When you disagree with other believers, the attitude of your heart can still be gracious, humble, and charitable while still being honest and transparent about your convictions.

This kind of healthy dialogue is hard to come by—you may not have seen this put into practice often lately, especially on TV news or even in your local church.

We want to help you handle convictions with integrity and transparency even as you pursue unity that advances the gospel.

That’s why we want you to get free access to the Good Faith Debates video series.

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  • Debate 1: How should Christians think about gun control and the right to bear arms? – Bob Thune & Andrew Wilson
  • Debate 2: Is “woke church” a stepping stone to theological compromise? – Sean DeMars & Rebecca McLaughlin
  • Debate 3: Should the “pro-life” movement be holistically (womb to tomb) or narrowly (womb) focused? – Scott Klusendorf & Karen Swallow Prior
  • Debate 4: What’s the best approach for the church to address racial injustice? – Brian Davis & Justin Giboney
  • Debate 5: Should we insist on a theological and historical definition of “evangelical” if many self-described evangelicals see it primarily as a political identity? – Ryan Burge & Andrew Walker

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