Although Lewis died only 50 years ago, and was famous enough to appear on the cover of Time Magazine (September 8, 1947), not a single video clip of him has survived (if such were ever taken).

Some of the audio, however, remains.

If you’ve never heard C.S. Lewis himself speak and are interested, here are some free samples online, along with a place to order the rest that are known.

The first two are from the BBC:

Beyond Personality: The New Men (14:05 mins)
March 21, 1944
Length: 14:05
(This talk later became a part of Mere Christianity.)

An Introduction to The Great Divorce
Date: May 9, 1948
Length of clip: 1:58

You can also access the audio of the first lecture above via YouTube:

On this site you can hear a few samples from his lectures on The Four Loves:

  • Introduction (0:29)
  • “Agape Love” (0:20)
  • “Is Creation Necessary?” (0:35)

You can also order The C.S. Lewis Recordings, which contains the following material:

The Four Loves — In this rare recording of C. S. Lewis’ own voice, Lewis examines the four classical Greek terms for love: storge, philia, eros and agape. Recorded in 1958 in London by the Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation, it was first heard in the United States on the Episcopal Series of the Protestant Hour radio program, now known as Day1.

C.S. Lewis Speaks His Mind — This rare recording contains Lewis’ lecture on Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, Lewis’ adaptation of his famous Cambridge lecture known as “The Great Divide,” his introduction to his book The Great Divorce, and his critique of works by author Charles Williams.

You can hear some of his thoughts on Williams below: