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Peter Adam is vicar emeritus of St. Jude’s Carlton in Melbourne, Australia, and serves on the steering group for TGC Australia. He was formerly vicar of St. Jude’s, then principal of Ridley College Melbourne. Adam’s publications include Speaking God’s Words: A Practical Theology of Preaching, Hearing God’s Words: Exploring Biblical Spirituality, Written for Us: Receiving God’s Words in the Bible, The Message of Malachi, The Majestic Son: The Letter to the Hebrews, and Walking in God’s Words: Ezra and Nehemiah. He speaks at training conferences for preachers.

Living by the Promise: How to Read the Bible, Part 1

Peter Adam delivered this message on Galatians 3 at The Gospel Coalition’s 2017 National Conference.

Answer These 14 Questions Before You Preach

Peter Adam

Answer These 14 Questions before You Preach

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Blessed Are the Merciful

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