Stream or download the audio recording from this breakout session titled Confronting Christianity: Turning Gospel-Defeating Challenges Into Gospel-Proclaiming Conversations with Rebecca McLaughlin that was delivered at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many of us long to share the gospel with non-believing friends. But there is a list of questions we are hoping they won’t ask: “Doesn’t Christianity crush diversity?” “How can you take the Bible literally?” “Doesn’t religion cause violence?” “Doesn’t Christianity denigrate women?” “Isn’t the Bible homophobic?” “Hasn’t science disproved Christianity?” “How could a loving God allow suffering?” “How can you say there’s only one true faith?” This workshop aimed to change those conversations by steering into the headwind of hard issues and charting a course to the gospel through each apparent challenge. Rather than seeing these questions as embarrassing obstacles, participants were encouraged and equipped to recognize them as entry points to deeper conversations, grounded in Scripture and centered on Christ.