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Seven of the best articles I came across recently:

1. David Schrock – Lyrical Eschatology: Andrew Peterson’s Songful Seminar. I posted a lengthy guide to Andrew Peterson’s music this week. David’s article here shows the eschatological longing and promise at the heart of Andrew’s music.

2. Jasmine Holmes – Womanhood without a Checklist. Jasmine is admirably wrestling with the notion of womanhood in Scripture, by going beyond the “checklist” mentality that Christians easily reduce sanctification to.

3. Atlas Obscura – Many of You Are Homesick—For a Place You’ve Never Been. There’s a spiritual longing behind the feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never visited. I love how Narnia makes this list.

4. Dr. Andrew Walker – Forcing Pro-Life Pregnancy Care Centers to Advertise for Abortion is Unjust and Unconstitutional. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week on the California law that coerces speech from pregnancy centers.

5. Mindy Belz – The Absence of Presence. The church is what the world is hurting for.

6. Tom Wright – Revealing the Real St. PaulGood overview of why the apostle is not merely a ‘religious thinker’ or ‘philosopher’. He doesn’t fit into our modern categories.

7. Politico has an in depth story and interview with Tim Scott, the most prominent African American Republican in America today.