Written by Bryan Chapell Reviewed By Graham Beynon

This is the second edition of a previously well-received ‘how-to’ book on preaching. As with most second editions it seeks to clarify and supplement the previous edition. Chapell covers a variety of aspects of expository preaching but focuses on the preparation of such sermons, leading the reader through the process from exegesis to outlining, to delivery.

It is consistently helpful and clear in this. Especially useful is the focus on the application of a passage determining the construction of the sermon. In addition the presentation of a ‘theology of Christ-centered preaching’ is excellent. Chapell seeks to show how sermons from all of Scripture can be Christ-centred without resorting to twisting the text, or jumping to the cross. While his presentation will leave questions of broader issues of biblical theology it is one of the best introductions to the area.

One slight anomaly is his ‘Fallen Condition Focus’—that is the aspect of our fallen condition which a passage addresses. This is a useful question to ask in determining the purpose of a passage but in Chapell’s terms seems too all-determining to me.

Overall an excellent introduction to expository preaching that deserves its second edition.

Graham Beynon

Graham Beynon is pastor of Grace Church in Cambridge, UK and director of independent ministry training at Oak Hill Theological College in London.