Worship: Adoration and Action

Written by D.A. Carson (ed.) Reviewed By Craig Blomberg

This is the fifth and final volume in a series of immensely helpful studies by the World Evangelical Fellowship (which have included treatments of hermeneutics, ecclesiology, prayer, and justification), all involving wide-ranging teams of international scholars and all under the capable editorial guidance of Dr Carson. Initial essays in this volume summarize the OT and NT data germane to constructing a biblically based theology of worship (the NT essay by David Peterson is an outstanding model of how to do biblical theology). Then contributors from each of the traditions surveyed present, in turn, Dutch Reformed, Presbyterian, Anglican, Lutheran, and British Free Church views of worship. Four additional studies reflect on South and Central American practices, the charismatic movement, and patterns of worship among students worldwide. These 11 articles are framed by introductory and concluding essays on contemporary challenges and systematic theologizing. As might be expected, many of the contributors present their arguments, however moderately, as if their own traditions reflected the best way to worship. With the key biblical texts and themes at the beginning of the volume, however, open-minded readers will realize that we have rich insights about adoring God and serving him in both church and world from every one of these traditions. All can claim some biblical foundations; all have built on those foundations with traditions that may be of value in certain circumstances but dare not be absolutized.

Craig Blomberg

Craig Blomberg
Denver Seminary
Denver, Colorado, USA