Written by Michael Green Reviewed By Alistair I. Wilson

This new contribution to the Bible Speaks Today series (which needs no introduction) brings the series to completion. The commentary is in fact a ‘thorough revision’ of an earlier work which Green published in 1988 entitled Matthew for Today. In carrying out this revision, Green has updated his research, engaged with scholarship and yet retained the readable style with which many readers will already be familiar from Green’s numerous previous works. A Study Guide is provided at the back of the book.

After an introduction which will be quite detailed enough for most general readers (in which Green argues for Matthean contribution to the final work of a non-apostolic author who also draws on Mark’s Gospel to write his work around ad 80) Green proceeds to comment on the biblical text, section by section, in striking and interesting prose. On a number of occasions, he takes controversial positions or makes provocative comments without much discussion or evidence.

This commentary may fall between two stools. It is substantial and probably, quite demanding for the general reader but the theological student will need more engagement with evidence and argument. The reader of this commentary will, nonetheless, come away with a good grasp of the ‘message of Matthew’, including its significance for today.

Alistair I. Wilson

Alistair I. Wilson
Highland Theological College UHI
Dingwall, Scotland, UK