Old Testament Commentary Survey

Written by Tremper Longman III Reviewed By Craig Blomberg

With the rapid proliferation of new commentary series, surveys of this nature, when done well, prove invaluable. Longman’s is done very well. An introductory chapter surveys OT reference tools in a variety of categories; the bulk of the volume is a book-by-book analysis of the best commentaries of various purposes, levels and theological traditions. Longman recommends good evangelical work where it is available; where it is not, he does not hesitate to point students to the best of more critical scholarship. The book concludes with three helpful appendices: ‘An OT Library on a Budget’, ‘The Ideal OT Reference Library’, and ‘Five-Star Commentaries’—Longman’s ‘Top 14’. Among them appear G. Wenham, B. Childs, R. Hubbard, H. Williamson, D. Clines, and J. Goldingay.

Craig Blomberg

Craig Blomberg
Denver Seminary
Denver, Colorado, USA