A Song of Power and the Power of Song. Essays on the Book of Deuteronomy. Sources for Biblical and Theological Study 3

Written by Duane L. Christensen ed. Reviewed By Richard S. Hess

Christensen has collected an assortment of previously published essays that address important questions in the interpretation of Deuteronomy. The discussion includes topics on the themes and composition of the book as a whole, as well as specific chapters. Following an introduction to the study of Deuteronomy, the editor selects a wide range of studies: Weinfeld, Lohfink, Nicholson and Greenberg appear, as well as Craigie, Polzin and Wenham. The collection includes two articles translated for the first time into English. Like the previous volumes in this series, the book is essential reading for students and their teachers who undertake serious study of Deuteronomy.

Richard S. Hess

Denver Seminary, Denver