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  • VOLUME 34
  • ISSUE 1
  • April 2009
  • VOLUME 34
  • ISSUE 1
  • VOLUME 34
  • ISSUE 1

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Why are we talking about preaching with power? Because of what Christianity is...

In the mid-twentieth century, one could readily find informed Protestant observers acknowledging the Calvinist tradition’s major missionary contribution...

The summer of 2007 was the wettest in Britain since records began, registering over twice the usual amount of rainfall between May and July...

The doctrine of inerrancy has been a watershed issue among evangelicals in the West, perhaps now more evident than ever...

Quite apart from commentaries and hermeneutical textbooks, books on the Bible—its nature and ultimately its authority—have been appearing with daunting frequency of late

No doubt my two children would cringe at the title of this short piece...

In blogs, journal essays, and books, there has been quite a lot written recently about what “the gospel” is...

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