Jesus (Institute for Biblical Research Bibliographies 5)

Written by Craig A. Evans Reviewed By Craig L. Blomberg

The first of a projected 14-volume series of select, annotated bibliographies, to be updated every five years, this volume aims to offer theological students an entree into the historical Jesus literature. Major categories include classic and general studies, demythologization, authenticity criteria, Jesus’ teaching and self-understanding, miracles, death, resurrection, lives, noncanonical historical sources and John the Baptist. Most sections are well done and entries well chosen. The section on authenticity criteria is unnecessarily long and repetitive, especially when compared with the frustratingly brief sections on parables, kingdom of God, and Sermon on the Mount in the very next chapter. Evans, not surprisingly, is better in the areas he has himself researched, particularly the general studies. Curious omissions dot other segments. For example, how can even beginning theological students neglect the major parable monographs by Bailey, Borsch, Donahue and Scott, by Casey and Caragounis on the Son of Man, or by Ladd and Wenham on the resurrection? But the design of the project is well conceived; as further volumes appear they will prove an invaluable resource.

Craig L. Blomberg

Craig L. Blomberg
Denver Seminary
Denver, Colorado, USA