Jesus: Divine Messiah

Written by Robert L. Reymond Reviewed By Craig Blomberg

Here is an ample and detailed survey of all the NT data pointing to the divinity of our Lord. Reymond assesses Jesus’ self-understanding, tackling the critical problems surrounding the authenticity of gospel material attributed to Jesus, and carefully works through all of the major texts (and quite a few minor ones) in each NT book to see how the early Christians viewed their Messiah. While sometimes exaggerating the uniformity of the evidence (it is not as clear as Reymond would have one think that Son of Man and son of God consistently refer to divinity), and occasionally unaware of modern linguistic developments (the Philippian hymn cannot easily be read in the Greek as beginning with Jesus’ incarnation instead of his pre-existence), Reymond has nevertheless amassed more exegetical evidence in one volume for Christ’s deity than any modern author. It is a refreshing contrast with the more dominant and more sceptical voices regularly heard across the theological spectrum (as e.g. from Hick to Dunn).

Craig Blomberg

Craig Blomberg
Denver Seminary
Denver, Colorado, USA