Faith and the Future: Essays on Theology, Solidarity and Modernity

Written by J-B. Metz and J. Moltmann Reviewed By Stephen N. Williams

It is doubtless a little dangerous to divide the history of theology into strict chronological periods, but the 1960s seem to have constituted something of a watershed, with relatively new, often radical, tendencies breaking the surface. Both ‘political theology’ and ‘eschatological theology’, frequently connected, took their decisive rise in this decade, associated especially with Metz and Moltmann respectively. Thirty years on, this collection of essays is published, introduced by Francis Schussler Fiorenza. They come in the ‘Concilium’ series, Conciliumbeing a journal launched in 1965, inspired by the Second Vatican Council. Nevertheless, it is ecumenical rather than Catholic: Metz is a Catholic, Moltmann a Reformed theologian (not Lutheran, as the back cover to this volume mistakenly states). These are selected essays from Concilium, published from 1972 to 1994, connected by the theme announced in the sub-title of the volume.

Stephen N. Williams

Stephen Williams is professor of systematic theology at Union Theological College in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and served as general editor of Themelios from 1995 to 1999.