Euthanasia: A Christian Evaluation

Written by H. Jochemsen Reviewed By Stephen N. Williams

This is No. 49 in the ‘Latimer Studies’ series. Those who are opposed to the legalization of euthanasia, and who know the work of the author, will be very glad that this piece has been published. Henk Jochemsen is at the Lindeboom Institut in Ede, Holland, and he, and the centre, have done much to press the Christian case on euthanasia. The situation in The Netherlands has been of vital interest to those who want to monitor the effects of a de facto permissive judicial regime in respect of voluntary euthanasia, and the most important of official recommendations to the United Kingdom government on this matter, in recent years, has been swayed by the ‘Dutch experience’. In this booklet, Jochemsen insists on a correct definition and delimitation of what constitutes euthanasia—and definitional questions are vital here—before proceeding to survey the ‘Cultural and ideological background of the euthanasia movement’. The bulk of the study then contrasts the secular and Christian views. It is to be warmly commended.

Stephen N. Williams

Stephen Williams is professor of systematic theology at Union Theological College in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and served as general editor of Themelios from 1995 to 1999.